Become an Emergency First Responder with our refined training

Providing first aid in the early moments after an incident is crucial for any affected person. Do you know how to help? It's really easy and with our training you will learn how to become a Super Hero.


First Aid Training

Completing the first aid training and certification process only takes a few hours, but it can equip you with the skills to provide necessary care to someone in need while awaiting the arrival of medical professionals.

Why get certified?

First aid training will not only give you the skills you need to help properly, but most importantly it will teach you to respond quickly and without fear. In most accidents, serious consequences can be avoided just by giving first aid.
Become a super hero, it's really easy

Training for company employees

Our B2B services allow you to train your employees in first aid in a professional manner. Whether your company is required to train employees due to applicable laws or internal policies.

First aid course for employees

Keep your workplace safe and your employees equipped to handle emergency situations with our First Aid Course. This comprehensive course covers basic life support techniques, injury assessment, and appropriate first aid treatments.

Our certified instructors will guide your employees through practical scenarios to ensure they feel confident and prepared to handle any emergency situation. Investing in your employees' safety is an investment in your company's success. Enroll your team in our First Aid Course today!

Lifesaving equipment for businesses

We will equip your company with first aid kits, defibrillators, emergency sets and all the necessary equipment to secure the safety of your employees and customers.

First-aid kits for workplaces, automobiles, home and travel in accordance with recommendations and legal requirements.


Life-saving devices that are indispensable in the workplace or companies with high customer rotation.

Automated defibrillators

Equipment and supplies to help reduce injuries and prevent more damage to health. Essential in any environment.

Medical supplies

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