Become a Super Hero!

Our first aid instructors will teach you the principles of safe and quick assistance in all conditions. We are professional divers, paramedics and guides. Knowledge backed by years of experience and actual cases of helping the injured, gives us the expertise to conduct training in a practical and effective manner.

Why should you trust us?

Whether you are a business, corporate or individual client, our training offerings are just what you need. Simply become a super hero!

For business

Train your staff

Train your employees in first aid and comply with labor laws. Just ensure a peaceful night's sleep.

For individuals

Learn how to help

Take the course and learn how to react properly in any situation. Accidents unfortunately do happen, but it's up to you to be prepared for them.

For everyone

Become a Super Hero!

Whether you're a parent, an employee of a small company, or running your own business, you should always be prepared to provide first aid. The first moments after an accident and a little help can save someone's life. Become a super hero!

Lifesaving equipment for businesses

We will equip your company with first aid kits, defibrillators, emergency sets and all the necessary equipment to secure the safety of your employees and customers.

First-aid kits for workplaces, automobiles, home and travel in accordance with recommendations and legal requirements.


Life-saving devices that are indispensable in the workplace or companies with high customer rotation.


Equipment and supplies to help reduce injuries and prevent more damage to health. Essential in any environment.